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Everything from a simple cleaning, toothache to dentures and everything in between we’ve got a treatment that’s just right for you. Whether you need a crown, dental bridges, fillings, dental bonding or a routine dental exam, we’ve got you covered.

Complete dental care services in one office That’s just one of the many ways we make your dental visits a breeze.

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Our General Dental Care Services

Dental Cleanings & Exams

Preventative care is the first step in ensuring good dental health. Routine exams and dental cleaning help us check for possible issues such as cavities or periodontal diseases. Routine dental checkups can help you avoid serious, and costly dental procedures by detecting issues in early stages before they become a major complication.

Our General Dental Care Services

Dental Bridges & Crowns

If you have damaged or missing teeth perhaps from accident or injury you may require dental bridges and crowns to restore teeth. Dental bridges attach on to existing teeth or dental implants to bridge the gap of a missing tooth. And dental crowns are used to cover the damaged tooth entirely. Book a free consultation with our dentists and we’ll help you get started in determining what procedures are a best fit to restore your healthy teeth.

Our General Dental Care Services

Affordable Dentures

We have a variety of durable and comfortable dentures to help restore damaged or missing teeth. Our high-tech dentures like all on 4 dentures supported by dental implants are non-removable and biocompatible. Every situation is unique so go ahead schedule a free consultation and we’ll recommend treatment options that are best for you.

Our General Dental Care Services

Root Canal Therapy

Our dentists carefully perform root canal therapy to remove infected pulp in the root of the tooth and clean, disinfect as well as shape the root canals and finally seal the area with dental filling. Root canal therapy is a method of eliminating oral infection to save the decontaminated tooth from further damage. Go ahead book a free consultation with our dentists and we’ll discuss the right treatment options for your teeth.

Why Choose 209 Dental Care's Dentists?

Aside from making you feel comfortable, flexible schedules, little to no wait times and making your dental visits a breeze. We offer all dental services at the comfort of our office without the hassle of traveling to other dental offices to do portions of the treatments. This means our treatments and procedures are more affordable than paying multiple doctors for their fees. We also work around your schedule to complete the procedure, ensuring that you will never feel rushed or uncomfortable during the course of the treatment. We are the most affordable general dental care providers in the central valley without sacrificing any quality. We simply believe in making the treatment experience smooth, comfortable and easy as possible for our patients.