The Best Dental Implant Treatment At The Most Affordable Costs.

We understand dental implant treatment can be very expensive. That’s why we’ve decided to make our dental implant treatments affordable for everyone. With 209 Dental Care, you’ll never pay high prices other dentists charge. We believe everyone should be able to smile with confidence. This is why our dental implant prices are the most affordable in the area. Go ahead, look around, you won’t find the same treatment at a lower cost.

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The Most Affordable Dental Implants in Central Valley and The Best Permanent Fix to Your Missing Teeth

Full Mouth Dental Implants & All on 4 Dental Implants
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Guaranteed Low Costs

All-on-4 Dental Implants or Full Mouth Implants

Just 4 implants to replace all of your teeth on top or bottom of your mouth. All-on-4 implants make it easy for your top and/or bottom teeth to have a new set of permanent long lasting teeth that feel just as natural and strong as your real teeth. All-on-4 implants is a cost-effective procedure to replace all of your teeth on top or bottom of your mouth.

Single Dental Implant

Just as the name single dental implant suggests, these are used to restore a single missing or loose tooth. We make the process easy and the cost affordable on your wallet. We also work with many insurance companies and offer financing options through care credit and lending club.

Fixed Implant Bridges or Implants on Dentures

The best dental implants option when multiple teeth are missing in your mouth. Example two dental implants can create fixed implant bridges to restore 3-4 teeth that are together. The dental implants blend in so naturally you won’t even feel that they are even there. Now you can smile naturally once again.

At dinners, at parties and those family get togethers. We’ll give you a reason to smile again
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About Us

20+ years of experience

We have helped over 10,000 patients bring radiant smiles. Our dentists are loved by our patients. We are proud to be helping patients bring their smiles back and maintain good healthy teeth.

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We are fully licensed by the Dental Board of California. Voted Best Dentist, Member of CDA, ADA